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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Supply
Ordering and Delivery
Orders can be placed 24 hours per day for delivery the following day. Most lines are carried in stock, but orders for prepared vegetables should be placed by 1pm for delivery the following day. Additionally, if sandwich fillers, salad tubs or speciality cheeses are required, then a minimum of 24 hours notice should be given. If any items ordered are not available we will make every effort to let you know on the morning of delivery and the items not available will be included on your next delivery. If you have a preferred delivery window then we will attempt to make the delivery during that time. This, however, cannot be guaranteed, particularly at busy periods and during poor weather and you should bear this in mind when planning your stock levels.
We pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our produce and work hard to maintain our high standards. However, mistakes are sometimes made and if you have any issues with the quality of produce supplied, please let us know immediately. Any items returned that are not of acceptable quality will be replaced free of charge on your next delivery or credited if preferred.
Price lists are available when required but it should be noted that prices fluctuate daily due to market and weather conditions. Any issues regarding the price of produce supplied should be raised within 48 hours of delivery.
Payment terms will be agreed at the point of setting up an account and payment should be made to the agreed terms. It is important that accounts are settled promptly, as phone calls to request payment are time consuming, costly and sometimes an embarrassment to both parties. Persistent failure to settle accounts promptly will result in the suspension of the account, with deliveries stopped until the account is brought back and maintained within the agreed terms. Any cheques banked that are referred to drawer will incur a £35 administration charge each time they are referred.