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Market Report 2nd July 2019

Good News

The English salad season is now in full swing and with the weather set fair quality will be high. Lancashire Iceberg and Celery is very good, and Cheshire Cos Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, and Oakleaf are recommended.

The English soft fruit season is also upon us, we have excellent English Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Gooseberries. Soft fruit is at its best at this time of year both in terms of eating quality and shelf life. English Cherries are also in season, quality is excellent however prices are as always high as they are very labour intensive to harvest.

Cauliflower prices are falling this week, the dry sunny weather after all the rain is ideal for Cauliflowers and supply is plentiful. New season Potatoes are also more affordable now, these will be small, without a set skin but very tasty! The maincrop will be harvested very shortly and once the skins start to set Potato prices will fall across the board. New season Tundra and Summer Cabbage is also now in season, these are very good but not suitable for making Coleslaw as they are not tight enough.


Bad News

Pepper prices are very high at the start of the new week, Red and Yellow are particularly expensive with only Dutch and Specialist English Produce available. Demand is high and the Dutch auction prices reflect the shortage. Cucumbers are also rising in price, the recent extreme temperatures in Spain have badly affected their Cucumbers, which has again left us reliant on Dutch and English produce to make up the shortfall.

The heat has also badly impacted on Spanish Carrots and Parsnips, these vegetables are being harvested in extreme heat and despite being hydro cooled and transported in refrigerated transport they still sweat in the bags and only have a short shelf life before melting.

Potato and Onion prices remain high this week, but with new season on the horizon we should see prices ease before the end of the month.


Products to buy with care

Red Peppers
Yellow Peppers
Pink Grapefruit

Product Best Buys

English Strawberries
Cheshire Cos Lettuce


Please call and check prices on the above.


Please be aware it is always good practice to thoroughly wash all fruit, vegetables and salad produce even if it is pre washed.