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Market Report 2nd April 2019

Good News

Cauliflower prices are falling as the recent dry sunny weather has led to increased amounts of UK Cauliflowers hitting the markets. This will only be a temporary glut, especially as demand will be high because of the price of Broccoli.

The local Rhubarb season has now started in earnest, prices will fall further as volumes increase. English Asparagus is also falling in price, with more of the early forced available. Please phone the office for the latest price.

Strawberry prices are lower than usual for this time of year with a surplus of Spanish fruit meeting poor demand. This will only be short lived as these prices are not sustainable for the growers, who will stop sending.

Lastly some good news on the Potato front with the arrival of new season Mids from Southern Europe and early Jersey Royals (at a price). It is a long way to go until new season English main crop Potatoes but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Bad News

The ongoing dispute in France by Imports continue to be impacted by the disputes in France at the ports. Shipments are being held up and missing the morning markets. Soft fruits are the worst affected since their short shelf life means they arrive on a daily basis and any delay will lead to temporary shortages.

At this time of year practically all Broccoli is imported from Spain, growers there are experiencing shortages consequently Broccoli is very expensive at the start of this week.  Cauliflower’s and Purple sprouting Broccoli are both grown in the UK and the recent dry spell is ensuring a constant supply of good quality produce as an alternative to Broccoli.

Celery remains very expensive, again due to poor supplies from Spain. This is an ongoing problem with the English season some way off.

Lime prices are rising as they often do at this time of year, the quality is good and there really is no alternative in a Gin and Tonic! Easy Peelers are also becoming more expensive because Spanish Satsumas have finished for the season, Nardicotts are available and have a far superior flavour but come at a cost.  


Products to buy with care


Beef Tomatoes


Fine Beans

Red Chillies

Red currants

Product Best Buys



Savoy Cabbage

Local Rhubarb




Please call and check prices on the above.


Please be aware it is always good practice to thoroughly wash all fruit, Vegetables and salad produce even if it is pre washed.