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Market Report 20rd November 2018


Good News

The dry and relatively mild weather over the last couple of weeks has ensured a good supply of UK Broccoli and Cauliflowers and both are recommended this week. The Sprout price is easing and with colder weather forecast the quality will improve as frost will tighten them up and also improve their flavour. Parsnips, Carrots and Leeks are also recommended this week.

Locally grown Celery is still available, however, it is getting a little smaller as the season draws to a close. The same remark applies to our Lollo Rosso and Oakleaf lettuce which are remarkably still being harvested. Peppers of all colours are good value this week with English and Spanish in plentiful supply.

Clementine’s and Satsumas are always popular at this time of year and with good volumes arriving the price is actually easing a little and quality is very good. Apples and Pears are now new season, quality is very good and it was a good harvest so supplies should be plentiful.

On a seasonal note Chestnuts are now available both raw in 1kg bags or cooked in 400grm packs. Ocean spray cranberries are also now in stock.


Bad News

Spain and Italy have been suffering very wet and stormy weather recently and this has impacted on the winter salad crops. Iceberg lettuce has been very expensive and the quality erratic because of the high moisture content. Cucumbers have also seen some unusually high prices. I expect these prices to ease a little this week, but remain well above their seasonal average.

Potato prices continue to rise as a result of this year’s disastrous crop yield caused by this summers drought. Prices will continue to rise with shortages inevitable in the New Year. Courgettes are very expensive this week as a result of the poor weather in southern Europe. It would be best to avoid ordering them this week if possible. Onion Prices are edging up with a shortage of larger Dutch Onions impacting on the market.

The price of Strawberries rose sharply last week with very low volumes available in the Dutch auctions. Soft fruit prices generally rise at this time of year as it is expensive to produce the fruit indoors with heat and lighting required.


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Please be aware it is always good practice to thoroughly wash all fruit, Vegetables and salad produce even if it is pre washed.