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Market Report 5th March 2019

Good News

Broccoli and Cauliflower are plentiful at the start of this week despite the bulk of the produce available being imported. Courgette prices have fallen as volumes have risen. English root vegetables like Carrots, Parsnips and Swedes remain good value, however, these have all been stored over the winter and their shelf life will now be shorter, please buy little and often to maintain quality.

Tomatoes are very reasonable this week, predominately due to lack of demand. Iceberg Lettuce prices are stable and Cos lettuce prices have fallen slightly. Baby Spinach from Italy and Coriander from Spain are excellent additions to a salad and are sensibly priced this week.

Egyptian Oranges are now in season and the quality this year seems better than ever, prices are falling with good volumes available. Lemon prices are also easing, again, as a result of supply outstripping demand. Strawberries and Raspberries are the best value soft fruit at the start of the new week, quality of both is good.


Bad News

Fine Bean prices are rising sharply at the moment. There are supply problems from Kenya which is by far the largest producer. Mangetout and Sugar Snap Peas are good alternatives, although their prices may also rise slightly if demand increases. Hard White and Red Cabbage are increasing in price as we move on to cold stored produce,

Savoy Cabbage remains the best seasonal option.

Celery is very expensive this week due to shortages, please only order if necessary. Cucumber prices are also quite high, although new season Dutch are starting to appear so I would expect prices to ease soon.

Honeydew Melon prices remain high as do Melons in general. Blackberries are expensive this week with only southern hemisphere air freight available. Plums are also expensive, again because of the increased cost of importing southern hemisphere produce.


Products to buy with care


Beef Tomatoes


Fine Beans



Product Best Buys



Savoy Cabbage

Round Tomatoes




Please call and check prices on the above.


Please be aware it is always good practice to thoroughly wash all fruit, Vegetables and salad produce even if it is pre washed.